Retail Consultancy

Specialist Retail Consultancy Services, Northern Ireland

For more than 35 years, Hugh has played a significant role in Northern Ireland’s retail and commercial world. Working alongside some of our best-known local, national and international brands; ranging from SMEs to large multinationals, guiding them in driving sales, footfall and brand awareness.

Whether you are just starting out or need an outside perspective to make your current business succeed, Hugh can assist you in developing a retail strategy to help you achieve your short, medium and long term business objectives.

Retail Strategy

Hugh Black Consulting is the leading specialist in retail strategy consultancy in Northern Ireland, helping retailers and brands to plan and implement winning strategies for the new age of retail.

Our mission is to help you reach and satisfy your target markets needs by researching then devising a successful retail market strategy.


Retail Audit…
“Success in retail is looking at the detail”

Independent retailers do you need guidance in growing your business?

Then it’s time to consider investing in a retail audit!  Our retail audit will take a full circle view of your store including your offering, brand, location, advertising & marketing, customer experience, operations and online presence (including social media).

Following your audit we will provide you with a detailed report on our findings, including recommendations on how to improve business, increase brand awareness, drive footfall and increase turnover.

Hugh will also sit down with your core team to discuss the findings of the audit in detail and ensure you understand the results and how to make the most of the information and recommendations provided.

Price: £495+VAT.

What our clients say:
Paul Evans (Canvas Gallery):

“I heard about Hugh’s retail audit on Facebook and it immediately caught my attention. As a small business owner I knew his services would be of value to me and my business.
I own an art gallery and picture framing business, and although things run smoothly I knew there was room for improvement. With Hugh’s experience and reputation in the retail sector I was confident I would be getting guidance from the best.
Following a series of mystery shops, an online audit of our social media & website and a full in-store audit I was presented with a detailed audit report. It included all the findings of the audit as well as helpful hints, tips and recommendations. Hugh dedicated a period of his time to talking me though the report and provided me with invaluable tips on additional areas such as visual merchandising, customer service, social media and marketing.
The audit was great value for money and delivered key areas for improvement. It also advised me on what steps to take to improve and more importantly reach and retain more customers. We have already started to implement key changes to our business and seeing positive feedback from staff and customers.
Overall it was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend this for any small retailer.”

Operational Strategy

Operations is considered the backbone of any business! It holds everything up and ensures a pleasant experience for both your customer and employees!

Whether you’re small boutique, coffee shop, department store or shopping centre your operational strategy must not be overlooked, it’s what will keep your business functioning, increase productivity and save’s you time and money!

Customers have a way of thanking a store that is well run. THEY COME BACK

Our Services

Retail Marketing

Hugh is also the founder of Black Marketing, and has a strong team of marketing, digital, social media and public relations experts behind him to ensure we can meet the needs of every client!

It costs nothing to chat, give us a call to discuss how we can help you on your path to success.